Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

  • Most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night;
  • Healthy Brain Function and Emotional Well-Being;
  • Physical Health;
  • Daytime Performance and Safety;
  • Importance of Non-rem and REM sleep cycles – learning, Hormones, Rest for vital organs;
  • “Recharges your body”;
  • Sleep just as important as diet and exercise.

Free Sleep Screening

How to recognize Sleep Apnea

Over 75% of people with Sleep Apnea go undiagnosed. Don’t wait, get tested!

Take out 5 second test:

  • Are you tied during the day?
  • Do you snore?
  • Have you been told you stop breathing during sleep?

If you answered YES to two or more of these question, contact us to book your free test.

There could be MORE to that SNORE that you think!

Untreated Sleep Apnea can have negative long-term consequences for your health, including:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Heart disease;
  • Stroke;
  • Pre-diabetes and diabetes;
  • Depression;
  • Obesity.

If someone Snore at your family, don’t wait get a Sleep Advice!

Talk to your doctor today!

Ask us about FREE screening:


Respiratory / CPAP therapy

  • Accepting new Patients;
  • Complementary Sleep Study for new patients;
  • Complementary CPAP / BiPAP trial for new patients;
  • Mobile Service and Flexible Schedule;
  • CPAP / APAP for clients diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea;
  • BiPAP for clients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have difficulty tolerating CPAP;
  • BiPAP Adaptive Servo Ventilation for Central Sleep Apnea;
  • BiPAP AVAPS for clients with Neuromuscular Diseases;
  • PAP therapy follow ups – For clients that already have the equipment and would like a follow appointment on their therapy;
  • Consequences of OSA, Circadian rhythm of sleep;
  • Provide certified research studies on effectiveness;
  • CPAP Therapy and Oxygen Therapy;
  • Improve quality of life;
  • Proven results.

Professional coaching for healthy living for patients with OSA

  • Weight management;
  • Nutritional advice;
  • Supporting physical activities;
  • Supportive environment.

EcoVisor F4

Buy SOEKS EcoVisor F4: Nitrate Tester, Dosimeter, EMF and TDS meter in Canada, USA

EcoVisor F4 – Four functions in one device:

EcoVisor F4 - nitrate testerMeasurement of nitrate levels in vegetables and fruits (Nitrate Tester);

EcoVisor F4 - dosimeter

Measurement of the level of radiation background (Dosimeter);

EcoVisor F4 - EMF meter

Search for zones with increased Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF meter);

EcoVisor F4 - TDS meter

Determination quality of Water (TDS meter).

Expanded product list

The number of products is doubled
EcoVisor F4 measures the nitrate content in the food you consume
Measures the nitrate content in the food you consume

Composite probe

Simultaneous multiple-point measurement
EcoVisor F4 with Composite Probe
Able to measure nitrate and electromagnetic levels at any temperature

More convenient and quick measurement

When the cap is removed, the device automatically switches to measure nitrate content
EcoVisor F4 front view with with a protective cap
EcoVisor F4 with a protective cap – Front View

Measurement of background radiation level in any object

Dosimeter EcoVisor F4 with micro USB
Measures background radiation level in any object

Water quality assessment

Now you can assess the quality of drinking water and tap water to evaluate your filter performance using SOEKS Ecovisor F4
SOEKS EcoVisor F4 for water quality assessment
Water quality assessment

Electromagnetic field level assessment in houses, residential areas and adjacent territories

EcoVisor F4 measures electromagnetic field in your rooms
Measures electromagnetic field

You can connect the device to a computer

Now you can update the firmware via your computer and upload statistical data
EcoVisor F4 connects to your computer
Connects to your computer

The device is supplied with accumulator batteries

The accumulators’ service life is at least 2 years. The accumulators may be replaced by the customer. You can use AAA batteries instead of the accumulators
EcoVisor F4 components
EcoVisor F4 components

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 – this is a real home laboratory. It is a convenient modern type of technology that will help protect the health of yourself and loved ones.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is designed to:

  • Perform express analysis of nitrate contents in fresh fruit and vegetables. Nitrate content analysis is based on conductivity of alternating high-frequency current in the measured product (ionometry);
  • Measure radiation exposure level and identifying radioactive contaminated foods and construction supplies. EcoTester can easily measure the level of radioactivity according to the power level of ion radiation (gamma radiation and beta particles flux);
  • Recording of electromagnetic field in facilities, living areas and from domestic appliances. When electromagnetic fields are detected, electric and magnetic field intensities are evaluated;
  • Water quality evaluation. The analysis is based on measurement of high-frequency alternating current conductivity.

Note: The video below features the previous version of the Soeks device. The new version of the Soeks device contains these same features and more.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is a real home-based laboratory that combines 4 functions into one device! It’s an easy and convenient way to protect your family’s health. EcoVisor F4 is an advanced type of technology that combines all of our high-end SOEKS products. With its excellent state-of-the-art design and brilliant ergonomics, we can fairly call it our most innovative product.

The EcoVisor body is made from a satin-coated material with rubberized side parts. The touch screen improves control and creates more visual interface. SOEKS EcoVisor is easy to use even for an inexperienced user. The new version of the EcoVisor can be connected to a computer; This will allow you to easily update the firmware after purchasing the device. EcoVisor F4 already has the accumulators installed and is supplied with a proprietary charging device as well as a cable for connecting to a computer.

EcoVisor provides a quick and easy way to check the quality of your food products. All you need is to select a product from the expanded list. You will even find the most exotic fruits and vegetables. All nitrate level limits are already added to SOEKS EcoVisor’s memory. No need to memorize complex formulas: EcoVisor generates digital and graphic warnings when the limits are exceeded. For example, it will display “Significant excess of standard” for dangerous products, and “Normal Nitrate Content” for safe ones…

EcoVisor’s new composite probe is very different from previous models. Measurements are now made in multiple points of a fruit at the same time to ensure higher accuracy. Old models were more accurate at measuring at the room temperature. The New EcoVisor F4 has a built-in thermal compensation sensor that ensures an accurate measurement at any temperature even if it’s chilled.

EcoVisor F4 already has a built-in dosimeter. It can check the background radiation level of food products, water and other objects. After the activation, EcoVisor SOEKS continuously measures radiation and monitors the accumulated dose. If you often fly in a plane, experience a radiation exposure from hospital or come into contact with radioactive objects in any way, the EcoVisor’s built-in dosimeter will be an indispensable function for you. If a monthly accumulated radiation dose exceeds the permitted level, the EcoVisor F4 will warn you of a danger to your health.

Water gives life but it can be a source of danger too. Using SOEKS EcoVisor, you can detect tap water contamination, check your filter performance and the quality of water from a well.

We are surrounded by electrical devices and are constantly exposed to electromagnetic emissions. Multiple electric devices create high EM emission areas in any house or apartment. SOEKS EcoVisor has built-in electric and magnetic field sensors. EcoVisor will readily help you to detect high emission areas. Sometimes, moving a baby crib or a sofa some 50-60 cm aside helps to prevent many future health issues.