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It is our intention to provide you with useful information that could benefit your health. In today’s world, more and more people are considering alternative solutions that are more organic. These solutions work with the body’s natural immune response to fight diseases and ailments that are affecting your health.

Our website offers products and services that have been researched extensively and will provide these alternative solutions. We hope this information will help improve your quality of life.

CPAP Sleep Advice

At CPAP Sleep Advice, we are committed to providing our patients with the optimum CPAP solution to effectively treat their OSA condition…

Our focus is in providing the right CPAP equipment, service and support to maximize individual therapy outcomes. With many years experience assisting patients with CPAP therapy, we can show you how to control your OSA symptoms, improve your sleep habits and start enjoying life to the full!

As a fully independent dedicated CPAP supplier, we take pride in our personal and unique approach to CPAP therapy!​

Why choose CPAP Sleep Advice Center?

We can show you how to control your OSA symptoms, improve your sleep habits and start enjoying life to the fullest! As a dedicated CPAP supplier, our unique approach to CPAP therapy includes:

  • Knowledgeable trained staff, skilled in understanding sleep disorders who can optimize your treatment;
  • The ability to expertly fit your CPAP mask and set up CPAP devices to meet physician prescription;
  • Access to our comprehensive 30-day “Complete CPAP Therapy Trial” program prior to the purchase of CPAP equipment;
  • Access to our full range of CPAP brands, latest-model CPAP masks and devices which are available for trial and / or purchase;
  • A commitment to working with GP’s, Respiratory or Sleep Specialist’s to optimize the outcomes and health benefits of CPAP therapy;
  • CPAP product packages tailored to each OSA condition, needs, personal preferences and budget;
  • Our ongoing Therapy support and Compliance program to ensure CPAP equipment and treatment continue as prescribed.