Why You should Test your Veggies and Fruits for Nitrate by Nitrate Tester EcoVisor F4?

Many North Americans don’t eat enough vegetables, and as a result, we miss out on the vital nutrients that keep us healthy. If you are looking to turn your health around, a great place to start is by adding more vegetables into your diet. However with that said some vegetables may contain high levels of nitrate which can lead to nitrate poisoning. This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating your vegetables, but it does mean that you need to be cautious about what you eat. Luckily, we have a nitrate tester that can help you determine if vegetables are safe to eat or not!

Where do high levels of nitrate in vegetables come from?

Note: The video above features the previous version of the Soeks device. Also, the new version of the Soeks device contains these same features and more.

In a world where demand is high, farmers have to do whatever they can to grow enough vegetables to meet it. Sometimes, this leads to the use of nitrogen fertilizers, as it helps the vegetables to grow faster. Making more vegetables in a shorter amount of time is great. But the risk is that some vegetables may have higher levels of nitrate than others causing them to be unsafe to eat. This can also occur when vegetables don’t have the sunlight exposure. Nitrate levels in some vegetables can build up if they’re grown in low light environments.

Nitrate poisoning can be a serious problem and research has proven that it can lead it cancer. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder that inhibits the distribution of oxygen throughout the body and can be caused by nitrate poisoning. So don’t take the risk! Ensure that you are providing yourself and your family with vegetables and fruits that are not only nutrient dense, but also safe to eat.

SOEKS EcoVisor F4

SOEKS EcoVisor F4 is a real home-based laboratory that combines four functions into one device! So it is an easy and convenient way to protect your family’s health. EcoVisor F4 is an advanced type of technology that combines all of our high-end SOEKS products. With its excellent state-of-the-art design and brilliant ergonomics, we can fairly call it our most innovative product.

Above all the EcoVisor body is made from a satin-coated material with rubberized side parts. The touch screen improves control and creates more visual interface. The SOEKS EcoVisor is easy to use even for an inexperienced user and can be connected to a computer; This will allow you to easily update the firmware after purchasing the device. All in all the device has a built in rechargeable battery (accumulator) and charger cable to connect to your computer.

Nitrate Tester

Nitrate Tester EcoVisor F4 - Nitrate Measurement (Nitrate & Water Tester, Dosimeter, Electromagnetic Field Meter)
EcoVisor F4 – Nitrate Tester

The EcoVisor provides a quick and easy way to check the quality of your food products. All you need is to select a product from the expanded list. You will even find the most exotic fruits and vegetables. All nitrate level limits are already added to SOEKS EcoVisor’s memory. Accordingly it will display “Significant excess of Standard” for products that are dangerous and “Normal Nitrate Content” for safe ones.

The EcoVisor F4 now has a new and improved measuring probe. The old probe would only measure nitrates at one point of the fruit or vegetable and was only accurate at room temperature. The new probe is now able to measure multiple points of the fruit or vegetable at different temperatures. This allows you to get an accurate measurement even when it is chilled.


Dosimeter EcoVisor F4 - Radiation measurement (Nitrate & Water Tester, Dosimeter, Electromagnetic Field Meter)
EcoVisor F4 – Dosimeter

The EcoVisor F4 already has a built-in dosimeter. It can check the background radiation level of food products, water and other objects. After the activation, EcoVisor SOEKS continuously measures radiation and monitors the accumulated dose. So if you often fly in a plane, experience a radiation exposure from hospital or come into contact with radioactive objects in any way, the EcoVisor’s built-in dosimeter will be an indispensable function for you. If the monthly accumulated radiation dose exceeds the permitted level, the EcoVisor F4 will warn you of a danger to your health.

Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF meter)

EMF meter EcoVisor F4 - Electromagnetic Field Measurement (Nitrate & Water Tester, Dosimeter, Electromagnetic Field Meter)
EcoVisor F4 – EMF meter

For the most part, electrical devices are all around us which means we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic emissions. Multiple electric devices create high EM emission areas in any house or apartment. For this reason SOEKS EcoVisor F4 has a built-in electric and magnetic field sensors. It will readily help you to detect high emission areas. It will also help you decide on where to move a baby crib or a sofa to a safe area.

Total Dissolved Solids Meter (TDS meter)

TDS Meter EcoVisor F4 - Water Measurement Quality Evaluation (Nitrate & Water Tester, Dosimeter, Electromagnetic Field Meter)
EcoVisor F4 – TDS Meter

Water gives life but it can be a source of danger too. In this case using SOEKS EcoVisor can help detect tap water contamination, check your filter performance and the quality of water from a well.

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