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Respiratory / CPAP / BiPAP therapy

We are accepting new Patients and more:

Of course we always welcome New Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea at SleepAdvice clinic & more > Book NOW an Appointment

SleepAdvice clinic & more - New Patients Welcome
  • New Patients complementary Sleep Study;
  • Complementary CPAP / BiPAP trial for new patients;
  • Mobile Service both-and Flexible Visit Schedule;
  • CPAP / APAP therapy for clients diagnosed – Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA);
  • BiPAP therapy for clients diagnosed with OSA. In addition, have difficulty tolerating CPAP;
  • CPAP accessories such as masks, tubes, water humidifier chambers and filters;
  • PAP therapy follow ups for clients that already have the equipment. And after that would like a follow appointment on their therapy;
  • BiPAP Adaptive Servo Ventilation therapy not only-but also for Central Sleep Apnea;
  • Provide certified research studies on effectiveness;
  • Furthermore BiPAP AVAPS therapy for clients with Neuromuscular Diseases.

Also professional coaching for healthy living for peoples with OSA:

  • Weight management;
  • Nutritional advice;
  • Supporting physical activities;
  • Supportive environment.

We have been treating overweight patients with sleep apnea since 1995. In our research and clinical practice we have described many positive effects of the gold standard treatment of sleep apnea, i.e. positive airway pressure ventilation. Since then we have prescribed such ventilator therapy to several thousands of patients, with the usual medical advice: “Reduce weight by diet and physical activity. Live healthy lifestyle”.

How did our patients benefit from such a common medical advice? Little. Indeed, unless our overweight / obese people with apnea lose weight, the effectiveness of medical treatment modalities in prevention of cardiovascular complications is limited.

Therefore, upon our early retirement from medical practice we became to understand that we need to seek innovative ways to support people to follow their own vision in achieving their peak health. Coaching is one of such innovative ways – so we became a health coach team. How did our patients benefit from a combined medical care and coaching support? Greatly: the average weight reduction was 6%, in association with significant improvements in well-being and health perception.

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