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Free CPAP / BiPAP Trial - what to expect
Free CPAP / BiPAP Trial

CPAP / BiPAP Trial starts with a sleep study. You can request one from our office. This will diagnose the severity of your sleep apnea. You will need to use it for one or two nights. Once you return it to our office, we will send the results to your physician. Your doctor will diagnose and prescribe CPAP therapy if it warrant. If it is,  then your Free CPAP / BiPAP Trial will begin soon after.

Diagnosis of CPAP / BiPAP Trial

If you have not been tested for sleep apnea. You can request a home sleep study from one of our offices. Use it at home for one or two nights. Return it to the office the next business day for the results. Please contact your office to arrange a delivery date.

Initial Set-up

Your therapist will meet with you to review your diagnosis and explain the consequences of sleep apnea. He or she will also explain how CPAP therapy works. (45 min to 1 hour).

Follow-up of CPAP / BiPAP Trial

Your therapist will follow-up with you in our office on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until we have ensured your sleep apnea is well treated. Most new CPAP machines have sophisticated downloadable data which will allow us to ensure the settings on your machine are correct. As a result, we are able to check on your CPAP machine remotely in your home without you having to come into the office. Once your CPAP machine appears to be working and you’re sleeping better, we will complete an overnight oximetry to ensure your blood oxygen levels are normalized and your Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is treated.


CPAP machines do not currently cover by MSP in the Province of BC, but they cover by most extended health insurance companies. Thus our staff will complete all paperwork necessary to quote and / or bill your insurance company. Your sleep therapist will help you find the CPAP system that will effectively treat your OSA. In that case they will make sure that it is affordable for you. Prices vary depending on the type of therapy that works best for you. The price also covers the cost of the machine (except accessories), the consultation time of your therapist, all reports to your physician, future oxygen testing and your follow up with Sleep Advice for the lifetime of your machine.

Reports to your Doctor

Your Respiratory Therapist will complete a progress report: a CPAP machine download, and an overnight oximetry for your doctor’s review.

Follow-up for Life

As long as you have your CPAP machine. We want to ensure that you continue to use your machine on a regular basis. Accordingly our therapists will follow-up with you on a semi-annual basis (6 month) to ensure your machine is functioning correctly. Your mask is fitting well, and that your apnea remains well treated.

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