Respiratory / CPAP therapy

  • Accepting new Patients;
  • Complementary Sleep Study for new patients;
  • Complementary CPAP / BiPAP trial for new patients;
  • Mobile Service and Flexible Schedule;
  • CPAP / APAP for clients diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea;
  • BiPAP for clients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have difficulty tolerating CPAP;
  • BiPAP Adaptive Servo Ventilation for Central Sleep Apnea;
  • BiPAP AVAPS for clients with Neuromuscular Diseases;
  • PAP therapy follow ups – For clients that already have the equipment and would like a follow appointment on their therapy;
  • Consequences of OSA, Circadian rhythm of sleep;
  • Provide certified research studies on effectiveness;
  • CPAP Therapy and Oxygen Therapy;
  • Improve quality of life;
  • Proven results.

Professional coaching for healthy living for patients with OSA

  • Weight management;
  • Nutritional advice;
  • Supporting physical activities;
  • Supportive environment.