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In essence, each and every one of our employees of SleepAdvice team represents the spirit of our company. And ultimately our goal is to help and improve our clients’ lives by treating their sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is a major cause of stress that can effect our health. The risk of not treating it is too great. CPAP therapy is the best choice and we are committed to helping our clients by giving them a regimen that is tailor-made.

It’s obvious that sleep is an essential part of our daily lives. And there has been a lot of research done on sleep and CPAP therapy. But it is vast and broad subject that continues to grow and be studied. It is for this reason that CPAP therapy does not stay the same. Sleep also continues to change as you get older. It is for this reason our therapy continues to change as the client’s sleep changes.

Our combined level of experience and education provides a broad knowledge. Altogether we have over 10 years experience in treating client’s with sleep apnea. Generally speaking our treatments start from the simplest to the most advanced PAP therapies.

In conclusion, we hope our SleepAdvice team and this website provides you with the information you need to better understand your sleep habits. In any event you would like to book a consult with one of our sleep specialists, please contact us.

In either case thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving you.

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9 Replies to “Our Team”

    I can highly recommend SleepAdvise clinic & more and Rochelle Imperial. who helped me resolve my severe sleep apnea. I now sleep 7 to 8 hours again, feel rested and never fall asleep during the day. I got the very best treatment and follow up on all my appointments and solutions were always found for all issues we encountered to get to the best machine, mask and settings. Rochelle got me into a sleep clinic when standard options were not working. I can highly recommend SleepAdvise and Rochelle I. Thanks for all your efforts, I am my self again.

      Thank very much for your business and the positive review. Each and every one of SleepAdvice clinic & more team represents the spirit of our company: driven and committed to helping to improve the quality of lives of others. Thank you – Rochelle I. for fantastic every day work!

    I tried CPAP before with some other companies, but was unsuccessful. Then my doctor referred me to Rochelle I. at SleepAdvice Clinic & More. At first I was skeptical to try it again. I didn’t want to deal with wearing something at night. But then Rochelle took the time to help figure out what I needed to be more comfortable with it. After some time, I started to feel the difference with CPAP. It’s definitely working better than before. Now I use it every night. Thanks for all your help!

    I have some relatives on CPAP and I was convinced to give it a try. They suggested I go to Michelle at SleepAdvice clinic & more. My schedule is crazy and it really helped that she made time to meet outside of working hours. I noticed a difference in my sleep after the first night. I didn’t wake up as much as I usually do. I’m finally getting some solid hours of sleep! I would definitely recommend Michelle Connor – Respiratory Therapist at SleepAdvice clinic & more.

    Thank you – Michelle C. for brilliant every day work!

    After many years of successful CPAP therapy with other companies, I found Rochelle Imperial at the SleepAdvice clinic & more. She suggests I try a P30i and I’m most impressed with the construction of this unit. Kudos to the designers – this unit has been extremely well thought out! . It’s a far more comfortable frame than the P10 (I’m a side sleeper) and the nose piece has almost nothing rigid in it, making it more very comfortable. The noise level is not only much less than the P10, but there’s almost no discernible air outflow which is quieter as well as more comfortable for my partner. Rochelle has been outstanding, coming to my home in the evening (due to my crazy schedule) and very supportive. Both my daughter and I are happy clients!!

    Dallas, thank you very much for your positive review of SleepAdvice clinic & more and we are deeply grateful to our colleague Rochelle Imperial for great everyday work!

    Natasha V.:

    My husband was complaining that I had a sleeping problem. So I contacted SleepAdvice Clinic & More. Rochelle met with my husband and I and thoroughly explained everything that was going on in my sleep. My husband was very supportive through it all. Rochelle helped me through the processes of getting my diagnosis, trialing CPAP and dealing with my insurance. The CPAP has really helped with my snoring and now my husband and I sleeping much better! Thanks Rochelle for helping us out.

    Thank you very much!

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